"If You Love Your Country"
by Peter, Paul and Mary

If you love your country
and the things for which it stands
Vote for Gene McCarthy
and bring peace to this our land.

It robs us of the honor that our country's known before,
When we will not pursue a peace, to end an unjust war,
We are all responsible for what's done in this war
Democracy means that we can decide, that's what our vote is for!

Our cities crumbled from a bomb dropped on a foreign land
And politicians stand and watch as the flames of hate are fanned
But the dream has not yet died, my friend, the times can still be changed,
With courage we can right the wrongs and end our nation's shame!

Now that he's said what's in our hearts, alone he took his stand
He's echoed by more timid men who ask to lead our land
No one is too young to help, no effort is too small
everyone must care this time, we all must heed the call! 

© 1968 Peter, Paul and Mary